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Low Voltage Electrician FAQs

Wilson Technologies’ team has put together a list of the most frequently asked questions to help serve you better. We strongly recommend requesting the assistance of a qualified professional. The risk of death, electrocutions, shocks, burns, electrical fires, property damages, personal injuries, and the potential for loss of insurance coverage is high without proper safety training and licensing.

What is a Low Voltage Electrician? Do You Have to be Licensed?

A low voltage electrician is a licensed professional who has undergone specific industry and safety training and completed all the requirements outlined in the National Electrical Code. Operating without a license is extremely dangerous and can be considered fraud. We are a fully licensed company who hand select and vet each technician we employ.

What Happens When My Security System Alarm Is Activated?

If your security system alarm has been triggered, your alarm monitoring company will work quickly to determine if it was a false or true alarm before dispatching the correct authorities.

How Long Does a Home Theater Installation Take?

Depending on the complexity of your vision, a home theater installation can take anywhere from one day, to one week respectively—we are exceptional project managers. When you approve a quote, we’ll give you start and finish dates that are set in stone.

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