Allworx System



  Allworx Systems integration services are all about finding the right combination of solutions that will serve your business in the best way possible. At Wilson Technologies, we offer a wide range of solutions that includes security, unified communication, and VoIP Telephone. Wilson Technologies can help you design the ideal call center protocol with a system that will fix your business. Allworx systems are designed to improve the efficiency of your business operations, enhance the productivity of your employees, and give your customers the excellent support they deserve.


Here at Wilson Technologies, our Allworx Systems integration solutions can bring your business the following benefits.

  • Allworx System: Allworx systems are design for a small business for 12 employees to a large corporation of 250 employees. Allworx systems work with traditional CO lines and SIP trunk.
  • Allworx Phone: Sophisticated, flexible phone that is perfect for employees who make or receive high volume of calls. Supports multiple telephone lines and programmable function keys and a backlight display that is easy to read.
  • Software Features. Wilson Technologies helps you integrate these capabilities within your overall unified communication environment. Allworx servers are built to provide additional specific application without any additional hardware cost or complexity. Your Allworx server comes complete with all the features you need for day-to-day operation. Many specialized applications make Allworx truly unique. Follow the links below for information on the Allworx software features
    • Reach: The Reach mobile app extends the rich functionality
      of your Allworx VoIP communication system right to your iOS and Android devices.
    • Interact: A Smart PC Companion for the Allworx Handset
    • Conference Center: Schedule, modify, and monitor conference calls from anywhere.
    • Allworx View: Beautiful Real-Time Dashboards and Historical Call Activity Reports